Update (12/16): Week 1 went well. This time around we’re giving the opportunity to a few up & coming artists to get their music judged by our followers. Make sure you read the description below first and if you’re still interested fill out the submission form below. I’m throwing up one submission on Saturday and the other two on Sunday.

Alright, alright. Since the demand for our weekly #HitOrMiss series is high. I’ve decided to get it started this weekend. I get a crazy of amount of music submissions from up & coming artists and it’s nearly impossible keeping up with them so I figured I’d put faith into my followers hands and let you guys judge some of the music submitted to us.

This is our first week doing it, so here’s how it’s going to go down. This will be a trial run. For our first run, I’ll give the opportunity for two up & coming artists to submit their music to us, then we’ll tweet it and let our followers(40,000+ on twitter and followed by Chance The Rapper, Taylor Gang, Hit-Boy, RiFF RaFF, and many more notable music industry figures) judge it. Everyone who judges the song will get retweeted on our twitter account.

Since I know I’ll get a crazy amount of submissions for the trial run, the first few artists to send an email to “”. Only the first few artists to email us will be chosen. The only thing is if you want to enter, you’ll have to paypal us $10. The money will be donated to the “Child Fund International” foundation(Read below for more details). Don’t send any money first, just email us and if you’re the first two artists to send us an email we’ll reply back with more details. Once you send me the email, I’ll let you know what email to paypal the money to. I hate charging for this, but this will be the fastest way to sort through artists who aren’t serious, plus it’s going towards a good cause. $10 isn’t much when you have a chance to get some exposure and gain fans while also actually getting us to listen to your music when we normally wouldn’t. Who knows maybe we’ll like your music enough to post it on a regular basis.

The music will be officially tweeted on our timeline tomorrow.

Here’s what we need you to fill out to


Artist Name:
Twitter Name:
Song Name/Link To Song(Preferably uploaded to soundcloud, if it’s a video send the youtube link):
Any Other Details/Comments You Want To Leave Us (If Any):

If you’re one of the first few artists to email us, we’ll hit you back with a reply and give you the email to send the payment of $10 to. If we don’t reply, it means you weren’t one of the first few artists to email us. In that case, just wait for a chance to submit your music to our #HitOrMiss series next week.

The money we get from submissions will go towards sponsoring children who need food, shelter, education and other resources not available to them. We will be making these donations monthly through the Child Fund International foundation (Click Here for more info). You can take a closer look to everything they will receive and how this program works by clicking here. We will be interacting with the children we sponsor through written letters.

Thank you for your continued support.

– Hits On Hits Staff

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