While currently working on his upcoming “Man On The Moon: III” album, Kid Cudi recently sat down with Billboard to reveal that he might drop another album before MOTM:III. Check out the interview below.

“I’m always making music. The beauty in that is that I have a lot of material. And I’m actually thinking that it would be good to release something in the meantime, before Man On The Moon: III comes out. Another Kid Cudi album, it’s just kind of along the lines of what I did with Indicud or Satellite Flight which it’s just it’s own standalone thing but still a Kid Cudi album. The Man On The Moon: III album is something that’s gonna take some time but I know the fans are gonna be patient and I really appreciate that guys, thank you for your patience. But Man On The Moon: III is coming, there may be an album before that just to tide you over.”

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