Drake’s Hot 97 & Funkmaster Flex diss during his recent Summer Sixteen Tour stop in New York City has bumped the temperature on a beef with the station and DJ Flex.This round seemed to start when Hot 97’s Ebro trolled the Internet by inferring that he had inside information that Eminem would go at Drake and Drizzy would return the favor.

Drizzy addressed the situation during a freestyle during a show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday (Aug. 4), rapping, “You see they telling lies on Hot 97 that’s how it goes / I told ‘em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show / Plus me and Kanye we just left out the studio / My first night in Garden, I’m feeling like D Rose.”
But we all know the issue between Hot and Drizzy runs deeper than that. Flex was one of the main people  exposing the 6 God as a fraud when the whole Quentin Mill, Meek Mill, ghostwriter situation was at its peak. And after hearing what Drake had to say at MSG, he’s back at it.

After promising he had a story to tell about Drake on Twitter, Flex responded to the OVO rapper during his slot on Hot 97 last night (Aug. 6). He assured listeners that his job was safe. “Want me to tell you why? Because 70 percent of your fans wear high-heels, the other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals,” he said.

For Flex’s “story,” he went back to 2009, bringing up the time when Drake famously freestyled using lines in his Blackberry. He claims Drake’s team didn’t want the footage to get out, but later pushed for the video to go out as proof that Aubrey writes his own lyrics. 

“You wanted people to think that you write your bars, you wanted people to think that on that BlackBerry those [words] were yours, and that you wrote that,” Flex said. “I see through you. And that’s why you so angry.”
He went on adding the reference track debacle, “You know what you should’ve just done, bruh? Reference tracks came, you should’ve just said, ‘Bruh, I got a couple people who help me with a couple things,’ and keep it moving. It doesn’t change you.”
Flex wasn’t in full blown hater mode, however, adding, “Now I’m not saying he doesn’t write anything. I don’t want to take anybody’s work away from them. Yes, he writes, but there’s a couple of key things that he didn’t,” he said. Check out the stream of Funk Flex rant set below. 

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